The first edition of Stroke was held on 11th December, 2016 at the Symphony Hall in Khar gymkhana. 

Kabeer Khurana spoke about Artyculate and their ‘Confidently flawed’ campaign to commence the event at approximately 5:30 in the evening. In good faith, the crowd was asked to write an adjective that is usually considered socially unacceptable next to ‘Confidently…’ on a blackboard with a white chalk and a picture of them with the board was taken by our photographer.

Anu Elizabeth Roche commenced the performances with her beautiful and moving poetry about motherhood and postpartum depression, which are topics that are generally considered taboo by society.  We also had Saineeta on the keyboard who played ‘Imagine’. Rashika Desai,  who is one of TMAC’s writers, performed a piece on the conflict between the heart and the mind. 

Then, Ishaan Jajodia, Sasha Kalrani, Adyot Rajadhyaksha and Chintan Modi led the nude art and menstruation art panel discussion, in which Ishaan commenced the discussion by citing a translation of a piece in the Rig veda called the Nasadiya Sukta which talks about how sexual desire was one of the ways the universe was created. Moreover, it promotes intellectualism and inquisitiveness, and it questioned the existence of God.  The panel encouraged the audience to ask questions and share their opinions on the topic as we spoke about a wide range of topics such as censorship, body-shaming, bisexuality, masturbation, mythology, religious art, sexuality education, how a few of the members in our audience were molested and shunned by the police when they tried to ask for help, and a lot more. The panelists were sitting in front of the crowd on mattresses instead of the podium and promoted healthy discussion on all of these issues. 

By about 7, we recommenced our performances with Banat on the guitar who sang a melodious song. Next, we had Akshatha Narayan who spoke about depression and anxiety, and Twinkle Kataria, Varun Srinivasan and Shruti Giri also performed marvelous spoken word poetry. Akshath Killa, who was the co-host and creative designing head of TMAC, and Yatika Agarwal, who is a resident writer in the magazine, also performed abstract pieces on colour and self-love respectively.  Rohan Parekh performed some hilarious stand up comedy and Ebrahim and Rutash played their electric guitars and created rock music in an attempt to bring love for rock music back again.